Liquid 2 champions exceptional founders to build lasting companies through experience, community, and capital.  

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30+ Unicorns. $100B+ in combined enterprise value. One Network.

At Liquid 2 we guide, support, and invest in the world's best founders starting at the pre-seed and seed stage.


Your partner for the journey ahead.

Founders in the Liquid 2 portfolio gain access to a vast network of insiders ready to help at the most pivotal steps in their entrepreneurial journey. Founders can rely on our team of proven operators for guidance and support over their company’s entire lifetime.


We believe in founders.
They believe in us.

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“Liquid 2 Ventures has been our earliest supporter. Beyond being a sounding board and advocate for founders they’ve made some of the highest-impact introductions to date. When you take their investment, you’re signing up with partners who stick around for the long haul, helping your company grow from its earliest stages to hitting revenue in the hundreds of millions. They’re basically the no-brainer choice for your cap table.”

Qasar Younis

"Liquid 2 was the first fund to invest in Mercury. They have been consistent and strong supporters from the start, including promoting Mercury to relevant portfolio companies and being sounding boards for products/business ideas. You would be lucky to get them as an investor :)"

Immad Akhund

"Loyal. No matter what, Liquid 2 has been there to support me. They were a small check in Rupa, but I never felt like I was a "small check". If you're looking for a partner that's available, responsive, and incredibly proactive - especially around making strategic introductions, Liquid 2 is it. Some very important relationships came from this!"

Tara Viswanathan
Chipper Cash

"Liquid 2's investment in Chipper Cash brought more than just initial capital. It brought strategic mentorship and insights, close partnership, and a robust network; all of which have been crucial in navigating market challenges and seizing opportunities to drive significant growth and success for us. They have been pivotal partners in our journey and adding them to your cap table can act as an accelerant to your company's growth and position it for long-term success."

Ham Serunjogi
Human Interest & Comprehensive

“Liquid 2 is one of the most hands-on and helpful NON-lead investors. They were instrumental in making high-value fundraising and customer introductions at our earliest stages. With Liquid 2 you get operating and fundraising advice from former founders who have gained even more perspective as investors across hundreds of companies; and you get the ultimate team leader in Joe who's been very generous with his time. Nobody else provides more value add per $ invested.”

Roger Lee

“Liquid 2 has been an invaluable asset to me as a first-time founder, and to our company as a whole. In addition to their direct and continued support, they’ve given us key pieces of strategic advice that have been key to our growth, even if they were inconvenient to hear at the time. Joe even visited our factory and spoke with our team, which was inspiring and memorable for all!”

Andy Lapsa

“The team at Liquid 2 Ventures is efficient, friendly and well connected. They immediately delivered invaluable feedback on how to strategically structure our round and within weeks of their investment had provided many warm introductions, allowing us to successfully round out a cap table full of strong partners. Their network is unparalleled, they answer when you call, and they're always there to support and give sound advice. They are the type of people you want in your corner.”

Olivia Joslin

"Mike & Liquid 2 were critical in getting Kepler off the ground. It has been especially helpful to have a very technical partner who can assess things from first principles. We got one of our first lead investors because of Liquid 2's endorsement and introduction and we have continued to receive very valuable support and additional funding as we have grown. Joe, Mike, Michael, Nate & Matt have all been personally involved at various times to help with customers, hires and fundraising and have made their high quality network of portfolio founders an asset to me."

Debo Olaosebikan

Our team. Your vision.

Liquid 2 champions exceptional founders to build lasting companies through experience, community, and capital.  

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